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by Jeff on November 26, 2010

You may be wondering why a site about distributor network marketing software has a post about network marketing training. Well you can jump to the last paragraph to find out or read on to see my experience of the main five types of training and where each is useful.

Company Training

There is no doubt that the proper network marketing training can make a huge difference in how quickly your MLM business will grow and how comfortable and easy you will find that growth. There are 5 main types of training that you can undergo. The first is that which comes from the MLM company that you have joined. It will usually provide some fairly standard training material including an introduction to the company, product brochures, compensation plan brochures and a business pack. In my experience, this information, whilst interesting, is often far too general and company oriented to be of much use in actually building a multi level marketing business. The one thing the company does often provide that can be incredibly useful in training is some form of annual event. This gives you the opportunity to learn first hand about the company and meet large numbers of other distributors who you can ask for tips.

Upline Training

Another type of network marketing training that is far more useful is that which comes from your upline. Someone in your upline, whether it is your immediate upline or further up the hierarchy will have achieved some reasonable levels in the business and will therefore be able to share their experience and give you some definite guidance in the “what and what not to do” areas. This can include everything from how to demonstrate the products, how to show the business plan, some good methods for prospecting people, what to say to introduce the business to people and so on. If you are very fortunate, the high level achievers in your upline may have created a detailed business training program that includes all of the forms, cds, dvds, articles and other resources that you will need along with small and large events to provide training in the methodology that they use.

Personal Development Training

The next type of network marketing training falls into the category of personal development. Every distributor with a medium to large size business that I have ever met has said that 90% of their business is directly linked to the personal growth they have undergone. This means that without any personal growth training, there is very little chance of creating a large business that will produce the long term residual income you are looking for. Personal development in network marketing terms includes such areas as realistic and unrealistic goal setting, vision building, changing your attitude so that you do not take rejection personally, motivating yourself, being able to see the big picture of what you are achieving rather than getting caught up in the moment to moment details and being able to relate to other people no matter what kind of person they are. When it comes to this type of personal development network marketing training, there is none better than Jerry Clark. Jerry Clark is a black American who was born into poverty in the USA and has proven and lived the American dream. He came across network marketing, and at the age of 19 whilst still at university studying economics, he was earning more than his lecturers, part time. While all of his training cds are fantastic, his cd series called “The Magic of Colours” is among one of his best, because it gives you an insight into the different behaviours of the four different personality types described by the four temperaments theory – choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. He makes this incredibly simple by helping you determine what personality type you are and how you can relate to other personality types to make them feel comfortable with you. Obviously this helps to increase the chances that someone will want to join you in business. Jerry Clark is also remarkable entertaining.

Skills Network Marketing Training

The fourth type of network marketing training is specifically in the area of skills. Whilst Jerry Clark is the prince of MLM personal development training, “Big Al” Schreiter is the King of network marketing skills training. For those of you who do not find conversing with people easy and for all of those “Greens” (see Jerry Clark’s Magic of Colours), Big Al is perfect for you. He is as green as they come and with his quick wit, makes his skills training cds great fun to listen to and learn from. My favourite of these is the Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Secrets.

Jeffrey Combs is a network marketer from a long way back and has gone from rags to riches to rags to riches. He is the ultimate example of stickability and persistence. He is sort of the middle of the range between Jerry Clark’s personal development training and Big Al’s skills training. Any of his cds are great to listen to with the “21 Most Commonly Asked Questions” being one of my favourites. In this series he gives answers to the 21 most common questions that you are likely to¬† be asked by prospective customers and business associates. This is wonderful network marketing training particularly for the new business builder and even beyond.

Automatic Training Provided By Your Network Marketing Software

The final type of network marketing training comes from software. Now there actually is very little software out there for MLM distributors of any kind. But if you read my network marketing software post, you will find out something about the software I am developing specifically for multi level marketing business builders. It goes into the purpose of the software to some degree as well as the reasons I’m creating it. But another purpose that I didn’t mention in that post is that the software will work in such a way that it trains the new distributor in the basics of MLM.

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